Amed, Bali, Indonesia, 2015

Amed, Indonesia, 2015 July 30, 2015 at 3:51am In the wake of all the worldly uncertainty (the Paris terrorist attacks).. the divisions being spliced between schools of critical thought, religion and human rights .. I reluctantly post the next chapter of our Asian trip.  I am in no way insensitive to the current happenings of … Continue reading Amed, Bali, Indonesia, 2015

The Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia, 2015

We are on the last morning (7:00am) of a 5 day stay on the beautiful Gili Islands. This has been a very relaxing and much needed time to recharge for the next couple of weeks ahead. Wifi has been brutal on this island, so it has been difficult to keep in touch with those back … Continue reading The Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia, 2015