Amed, Bali, Indonesia, 2015

Amed, Indonesia, 2015 July 30, 2015 at 3:51am In the wake of all the worldly uncertainty (the Paris terrorist attacks).. the divisions being spliced between schools of critical thought, religion and human rights .. I reluctantly post the next chapter of our Asian trip.  I am in no way insensitive to the current happenings of... Continue Reading →


The Gili Islands, Lombok, Indonesia, 2015

We are on the last morning (7:00am) of a 5 day stay on the beautiful Gili Islands. This has been a very relaxing and much needed time to recharge for the next couple of weeks ahead. Wifi has been brutal on this island, so it has been difficult to keep in touch with those back... Continue Reading →

Mount Bromo, Indonesia, 2015

After a couple final punches to the gut from Vietnam, our Tiger Airways flight landed in the lackluster city of Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. We had focused most of our research back home on Vietnam and weren't very prepared for Indonesia. The first thing we noticed from the jet, was the landscape of incredible Volcanoes... Continue Reading →

Hanoi, Vietnam, 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam, 2015 July 22, 2015 at 3:08am We are currently on a 5 hour ferry boat packed to the top deck headed to Lombok, which is a big island in Indonesia that we will use to travel to 3 very small islands called the Gili Islands. We could have taken a fast boat option... Continue Reading →

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam, 2015

So we took t he wrong bus to arrive in Hanoi .. they had no clue we were on the wrong bus because their tourism network is still organized by phone .. with tickets being simple receipts indicating that we paid for “a” trip to “a” destination. We were on the wrong bus and we... Continue Reading →

Phong Nha, Vietnam, 2015

I want to mention as well that my observations … my conclusions .. are to be taken very lightly as I am in no way an expert in anything we visit. I am quick to pass judgement and to form opinions but I realize that these opinions and conclusions can be flawed as it would... Continue Reading →

Hoi An, Vietnam, 2015

So we flew over half the country to arrive here in Hoi An. We really wanted to take the train and experience the country side and take in the views but it was completely booked. Our travel guy in Ho Chi Minh booked us that flight on VietJet .. never again. Our travel guy has also... Continue Reading →

Saigon, Vietnam, 2015

We are sitting in our room in Hoi An.. 1:30 am .. we stumbled in this place about an hour ago. It's a large mansion transformed into a party hostel. We are in our large quarters on the fourth floor and the blaring music from the courtyard below is seeping through our French balcony doors.... Continue Reading →

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