Hello 27 followers 🙂

If you read our last post, you know that we are leaving for a year long trip .. And I have decided to take this blogging to the next level and see where it takes me.  I opened an account with and now have my very own domain/website. It’s .

It’s all very new to me, but this Siteground host still uses WordPress as it’s primary engine.  It’s a bit different and I am still learning how to use it.  I am noticing already that people aren’t able to “like” or “follow” anymore, so I am  not quite sure how this will work.  I have managed to get a subscribe via email link on there and a link to a Facebook page which I have yet to constuct.

I want to apologise for all the name changes and such, and promise that this is the last time.  I will stick with passportfootnotes and work hard at maintaining the site.  If you feel up to it, it would be great if you would visit this new site and click a few things, maybe leave a comment .. for testing and making sure there are no bugs.  We leave soon for our trip, and I will be posting regularly on this new site.  If I can get under control, I plan to remove this “donstacks” account as that name is simply an alias I chose to remain anonymous.  My real name is Paul .. my dad’s name was Don.. and stacks just sounded cool to me.. lol

Anyways, hope to see you there.  If not, thank you for your support in my writing and good luck with all!





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